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We carry a wide selection of monuments, headstones, memorials, bronze plaques and much more. Did we mention that we specialize in customization? 

Monuments & Headstones & Rochelle Park, NJ

As your reliable and trusted monument dealer serving the local community, we are your source for quality memorials that meet all of your needs now and in the future. From a small plaque to a large monument, we can fulfill all of your needs with stunning pieces that fulfill your specific needs. All of our products are created using American materials to ensure quality.

We also take the additional step of completing customization services in-house. Through these steps, we are able to provide you with competitive rates on quality work that you and others may appreciate for generations.

Types of Monuments We Offer

We provide beautiful workmanship on monuments that can be used for a wide range of private and public purposes. Many samples of our work are on display in our shop. When you browse through our in-store displays, you will have a wonderful opportunity to get to know more about the many customization options available for your memorial or monument.

You can explore our extensive range of options for beautiful materials as well. Some of our valued customers also take this opportunity to creatively review some of the excellent ideas that are available for their own piece.

Custom Memorials in Rochelle Park, NJ

Each memorial that we create for our valued New Jersey customers serves a special purpose, and we carefully customize each order exactly to the specifications of each client. Some memorials that we create are used for private purposes, such as to pay tribute to a beloved pet who has passed away or to stand in honor of a deceased family member or friend.

We also provide products for civil or public use. A governmental department, for example, may wish to recognize the selfless contribution of firefighters, law enforcement officers, military professionals and others. Regardless of the purpose of the memorial that you wish to design with our assistance, our many customization capabilities and services ensure that the ideal piece is created for you.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

We are also your preferred NJ monument dealer to turn to for smaller and larger plaques. Bronze plaques provide you with a beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one.

They can also be used to identify a historically significant location, to remember a special event or for many other purposes. We offer numerous customization services for your bronze plaque.

Fully-Customizable Bronze Plaques by Size, Shape and Color

You understandably have a very specific use in mind for the plaque that you wish to order, and we have the skills and capabilities necessary to bring your vision to life. When you place your order for a new bronze plaque, you will initially determine a desired size and shape.

We can also show you the many attractive color options available. Another important way to customize your piece is through your preference for the text and images. Remember that you have many font sizes and styles to choose from.

Special Types of Plaques We Offer

Our customized plaques are often used as markers for various purposes. For example, a marker may be used to highlight a significant location or event in a public place, or it may be placed on a private memorial.

Because there are numerous uses of markers, we offer a range of styles for you to choose from. Our available styles include ledge, upright, bevel, flush and slant. Each style is available for you to view during your visit to our shop.

Our Past Work

Areas Or Neighborhoods We Cover In Rochelle Park , NJ

Monument, Memorial and Plaque Refinishing and Restoration Services in Rochelle Park, NJ

Our products are created with longevity in mind, but remember that any type of plaque or monument requires periodic maintenance for lasting results. We are your trusted and reliable source for refinishing services, and we also offer complete restoration work for any plaques and monuments.

While you could replace a damaged or weathered memorial, a better idea may be to restore it to like-new condition through our skilled efforts. You can trust our hardworking and experienced professionals to provide you with stunning results.

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Rochelle Park, NJ

Designing a timeless mausoleum is an excellent way to pay tribute to a dear loved one. Through the expert services of our team, you can create a beautiful design that serves as a celebration of life and a memorial for the individual.

We use the same high-quality materials for mausoleums as we use for our other products. To request an appointment or to learn more about our services, contact us today.

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